What to Expect


Sessions are a special place reserved and held between you and me. I do not advocate for friends to post detailed or explicit reviews of our time together. But, I also understand if we have not met prior some general thoughts from people who have can be helpful in feeling confident in your selection. So, here are some testimonials from active members on local sites that will offer a slight reflection of what time spent together might be like. Enjoy...

Bballguy wrote:


"Violet's Web ~ Each meeting with Violet will leave you with a wonderful memory and an irresistible desire for additional time together! Violet has an amazing way of making you feel at ease as you begin with conversation, thoughts, and ideas, that will then lead to some of the most sensual, enjoyable experiences in your life. Violet will suggest, plan, and provide you with an experience tailor-made for you. She has an amazing way of helping you discover new, exciting, sensual experiences, as mentioned many times, Violet is truly a Fantasy Provider! Don't be surprised if as your time comes to an end, you find yourself planning your next meeting as you say your good bye. Happens to me each and every time! V-Thank you for all you do, you're a very kind and wonderful friend." 

Mark wrote:


"Everything about it was perfect for me. I loved your energy and your level of passion, it completely blew me away. I would love to see you again so we can explore your Domme side further. Your skills and creativity as a Domme are considerable, you truly are a natural. You are my Goddess!" Mark

Brad wrote:


"Goddess, I had intended on sending you a note thanking you for the incredible time I had. It was one of the best times in the hobby I've ever experienced. The name My Goddess suits you very well." Brad

Irish wrote:


"A True Life Vargas Girl ~  I first saw Violet at a social event. I was awe struck by her statuesque beauty as she descended the stairs. Her vibrant smile accentuated by her glowing, tanned complexion, the sparkle in her eyes, her nicely styled long dark hair. She moved with grace and confidence. Watching her transported me back in time when, as a curious youth, I would eagerly flip through the pages of Esquire and later, issues of Playboy to peruse the "forbidden" photos of scantily clad women and the sensual and seductive "pin up" drawings by Alberto Vargas, whose drawings were known as Vargas Girls. As I watched her throughout that evening it was as if she had stepped out of a Vargas drawing and transformed before my eyes into a living Vargas Girl. When I arrived for that initial meeting my jaw dropped and I was rendered momentarily speechless, her affectionate greeting, attentiveness to one's comfort by offering refreshments and conversation quickly set me at ease. Violet exudes a touch of graciousness and sophistication rarely encountered, a woman whose true beauty should be admired, appreciated and respected". Irish